Chili garden

The excitement of growing plant is now totally mine. This year I started to grow chili seeds just from the chili I bought in India. And some others I got from a friend.

Chilli Garden

As I recognized I was a bit late to sprout the chili seeds. What led me to buy two small plants as well, but more on that later on.

As the more exciting thing is to sprout the seed and see the plant growing and their first leaves and finally the grown plants with fruits.

I was more or the less totally new to the growing of plants, so there was a lot try and error programed. Never the less it worked out well and at the moment I still have more than fifteen chili plants.

 Sprouts and seeds

sprouting the chilli seeds

All the sprouts sorted in a plastic box. All covered  with a wrapping film to keep it humid, otherwise it would dry out really quick.
The first green leaves


 This year I tried to put the sprouts into small turf cups.
Where to put all this small chili plants?


A frisbee used for the small pots. At first the didn’t really well, I didn’t care too well with watering and I killed many of the small ones. But lucky me, I had a view dozen more sprouts around.
 Young chili in plastic cups

Bordeaux 2013

My little chili “farm”
I still have sprouts/young plants – How to give them away?
Bordeaux 2013
I started to put this plastic cups on top of each other with the plants in it. The perfect packing for transportation
Problems with plant louses
plant louses
Mainly indoor it happen that I had huge amounts of louses on all my chili plants in my flat and in my mothers greenhouse. I tried to solve it with a mix based on soft soap, but it did just work partially. If you have some good tips, I would be more than glad.
Where to put all the plants – A lot didn’t make it at the first

Bordeaux 2013


chili palm in the preserving jarChili Palm – in the preserve jar
Chili – The garden


 Chili harvesting

wpid-wp-1413456046585.jpeg wpid-dsc_00262.jpg.jpegwpid-wp-1413456061539.jpeg

Chili-tree – From a small plant to a tree!
_DSC4332_smallThis are my two bought plants
wpid-dsc_0199.jpgHappend that this plants grew huge trees
Using the chili

chili in the preserving jar

Pickled chili
wpid-wp-1413458572849.jpegSlowly dried chili – keeps the colors more pure
My mom hosted me as well some space for some plants

wpid-wp-1413456009146.jpeg wpid-wp-1413456000274.jpeg

Will I have them another year?


The last days on the terrace, it’s the middle of october now. The next thing will be to bring them in and prepare the chili for the austrian winter.
  Preparing new seeds (this ones are freshly from Mexico)

new seeds for the next season

wpid-wp-1413455910884.jpegkeep up the chili

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