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to day I was sitting more hours as my brain is able to count, in front of my computer doing this web stuff like updating web space, managing all the email accounts I had on the other server lolol.. and it’s horrific doing this every decade once. It is to hard to remember all that shit, and every service has a different way how you have to manage all this shit. (godaddy is the most confuse thing I met in the web so far)

Who thought the most things work now, all email accounts are back on road! All the websites get a new face and get lifted it’s like surgery on the hart that helps you to look better.

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jupidu and also the gallery works, WordPress and Nextgen Gallery are just fine with me :-).

Now I cam to the point. I thought of at the beginning, that I was dreaming of being outside on my now broken bicycle, and riding around Vienna watching the city, that dream happened while I was watching the test uploads in the gallery showing the city of  Vienna from the top… and now the dream lasts .. it’s a long time been I had a dream like this…