Who am I? You know it? Please tell me!

I have been following many different interests of mine. Currently I am following one of my biggest passions, urban planning. I did several journeys, trying to find out more about life in our huge urban centers we find all over.

To get my thoughts together, to give all my ideas some space and communicate them. I am formulating my master’s thesis  about urban planning.

But …I really feel alive on my bike.

…I enjoy photography, currently I am trying to get to the next level and don’t do so much photography any more.

…3D visualizations of any kind, mainly architecture at the moment

… and many other things you might cross here

Home for some things, a bit confusing? Isn’t it?

I try to share my interests and activities with people who might have interests in similar things. So as my interests are really wide spreaded I am doing hard to find the red line in all of it. So I hope you could enjoy my site, even if it is a consistent chaos and confusing!




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