Gregor Doblinger, Vienna, Austria

office (adth] gregordoblinger dot com



Other places on the w³directly related to me


other activities

  • Wunderteam
  • Critical Mass Vienna
  • Food Coops Vienna
  • Bike Kitchen Vienna


friends @ the web

  • Stefan, a good old friend who brought me closer to the web
  •, the building of an airobot, of my cousin and a good friend of him
  • dj btr, basta crew, club sir3ne, amanda sage, werk,
  •, my fathers company, planing, graphic design,  etc..
  • my uncles company selling photo voltaic stuff
  •, photography from sky objects by my father
  •, webhosting, webdesign and hardware
  • and the business of a cousin selling hardware and small print service
  •, a small joinery specialized in wooden stairs in Austria
  • where I did my civil-service



Companies I worked for

  • General
  • foxholz
  • Architects
  • Ramesh Kumar Biswas
  • Robert Felber
  • Matzalik Dieter



Schools I visited

  • VS Hohenzell
  • HS Roseggerschule Ried
  • HTBLA Hallstatt
  • WiFi Vienna
  • Technical University Vienna


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