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as I am at the course “Erstes Wiener Nachtentwerfen” I collected some of my photos related to light.

This course is told by Susanne Seitinger



A collection referring to my interests


Several photos out of my collection related to light.

Random Internal Swarmlight, a kind of a virtual swarm and the best fit for an idea I had around swarm lighting. This kind of structure in a different scale enables variation of lighting in the public space.


This is not exactly what I thought of when I was looking for a flying light. but it shows the possibility of a flying light. Putting this in a swarm structure  could bring a totally new way of lighting. This thing could make a public lighting something very personal.


Now a class mate posted a much better project about flying lights, http://ersteswienernachtentwerfen.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/flyfire/


Bioluminsecent lighting of algae in the seawater, somehow also a kind of swarm lighting. The swarm in a very small single part.


A simple way to show bio-luminescent algae with a shot into the water, not a great video but some simple way of working with this potential of nature.


Some intressting laser projection


A fancy Technic to do track some object and follow with light maybe


Interesting Images Ideas with Light

A simple way to symbolize a swarm















Link zum Hersteller von den unterhalb gezeigten Textilien lichtstrukturen







Fluorescent minerals

they emit visible light when exposed to ultraviolet light


*new* lumiBots documentation from Mey Lean Kronemann on Vimeo.

LumiBots are small, autonomous robots that can leave glowing traces. The robots are equipped with a UV LED at their tail which leaves a glowing trail on phosphorescent sheet. The traces do not only create generative images which tell the story of the robots’ movements, but have a deeper meaning for the lumiBots: With their light sensors, they can follow the other robots’ as well as their own trails, and amplify them, thus creating an ant-trail-like mechanism luring more and more robots on the same path.


Mind Walk

Mind Walk


Historical information around the Karlsplatz and the TU Wien


Link Collection

Wiener Naschmarkt WIKIPEDIA

Paulanerkirche WIKIPEDIA

Freihaus, im web

Freihaus auf der Wieden WIKIPEDIA

Karlskirch, Wikipedia

Karlsplatz, Wikipedia

Charles’ Square, St. Charles’ Church in Vienna

Vienna Karlskirche (night view) in Vienna


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